About Dylan

Dylan Rodrigues is the executive producer of the Owl Women Career Mentorship Network and the creator of the Mentorship Focus System.

Dylan has previously worked with executives and senior managers to produce world-class websites working as an executive management consultant for DARPA, NASA, USPS and others. See Linked In Profile for details of work experience and awards.

Realizing the need for guidance by women mentors throughout her own personal experience, Dylan created a free-form but structured environment for women to share secrets and experiences about work.

One of the best ways to focus on your career development is to find and work with a mentor. Mentoring others also helps you to focus on your own career path and goals.

By combining a method to seek others with mutual interests and guiding others to self-mentor using the Mentorship Focus System, Dylan has created a central resource and online tool for women to achieve their own definition of career success.